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Lam Khanh Chi: 'My parents-in-law do not consider me as a transsexual'

The singer said his fiancé and his family always respect, love and wish her happiness.

- How do you feel when going to flower car in December?

- We are not nervous or nervous because we have planned for the wedding for a long time. Also, after the wedding day, they both lived in my house, where the two moved in after only one month to learn each other. I do not have to do as a daughter in law, life is the same as before, not surprised.

Only thing, I'm busy preparing for the wedding so there is no time to go show as much as before. Being a bride is a great day for girls, so I have to be perfect. Over the past days, I was happy to receive many blessings from colleagues, audiences, people I have not met.

After the wedding, we will be running the show all over the province until Tet, because I love singing to the audience end of the year. By Tet, the couple will rest, travel and then embark on business.

- You have many love, some people proposed to you. The fiancé - Mr. Phi Hung - how does he react when know this?

- I was so innocent in love. When I'm in love, I'm always my best and I'm not afraid to show it to the world. And when it broke up, it was all just past. I absolutely faith, so he never jealous or worried. My husband's family is very loving and respectful to me. No one asked me about old things but just about their future.

Previously, while still wearing the form of men, I met many unhappy in love. Old lovers love me earnestly, but for many reasons we can not come together. Phi Hung is my fate. I know I can not say anything but I will try to protect this happiness.
The singer's husband has name of Tran Phi Hung. He was born in 1985, native Nam Dinh and
 is doing business in Ho Chi Minh City.

- What do you love in him?

- It is honest, gentle and thoughtful. For him, I feel very comfortable. We are all together and love each other. So, if we get angry, we also heal very quickly. I am a showbiz person but I live in myself satisfied. Coming back home from work, I only love to stay in home with him. I do not love to go to the bar, dance. My friends in my showbiz circles only count on my fingers. He rarely speaks, often expresses interest by acting. So, we just got together so far.

Many people say my husband loves me because I am rich. This is not true, because my husband's family is well-off. Since ancient times, I have never loved anyone for money. The rích pursues me very much. They are also willing to give me many valuable gifts. But I do not love, do not receive, meaning to take advantage of people's feelings. I do not care whether my lover is rich or poor and is interested in his morality and character. Money can be earned together, but happiness can not be bought.

- How did your parents - in - law receive you?

- My parent in law are very psychological and love son. When my husband talked about my condition, my mother-in-law was not shocked or disagreed. They talk to me normally as I have not transsexual. They let us live together, take the initiative to marry me properly, prepare carefully to raise my head with the family, neighbors. Because they understand this is the woman who makes her son happy. Since becoming a woman, I feel more confident than ever. Confidence in beauty and romance. Am I a transsexual who is polite, fulfilled for the family is inferior to any woman?

My biological parents have not interfered in my affair. I love anyone, get married someone they also support. I am very happy that the two sides agreed to let us getting married soon.

- How do you prepare for marriage registration and have children?

- I am still waiting to complete the procedure to be legally recognized as a woman. Soon after, we will register the marriage. It is no longer difficult to give birth. I can graft the ovaries or ask for a hired pregnant, depending on my health. Problem of childbirth, I let the husband decide.
The singer is now very confident about her beauty.

- Many transgender people, including singer Huong Giang Idol, have a pessimistic view about marriage and childbirth in Vietnam. What about you?

- I think differently. I am a proof that transgender people can find a beautiful ending. If you think optimistically, love sincerely, good things will come. Many people say I'm lucky because my husband's family is easy. But I believe my lover will really be willing to do it together to live together. If not, perhaps you have loved the wrong person.

As a transsexual, I was invited to be a model for wedding photography a lot. I am being cherished to open a wedding dress shop. There, I hope to welcome many brides, even those who bring the fate like me.



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