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Comedian Van Chung died in America

Comedian lost at 23h on January 22 (local time) in California for heart disease, at the age of 91.

The artist's late family said he died after being treated at a California hospital for several days. Prior to that, he was hospitalized for difficulty breathing due to heart disease and blood pressure. Ten years ago, he was given a cardiac pacemaker, which made traveling difficult. The time he was took to hosspital, he was still awareness and aware of the artists visiting him.
Comedian Van Chung.

In the United States, Eminent Artists Ngoc Dang said that his departure was a big loss for the reformed stage overseas. Singer Quang Thanh - who has collaborated with the artist in the South Music - said in the last years of his life, comedian Van Chung is very enthusiastic about the traditional arts projects.

Artist Van Chung was born in 1927 in Saigon. In 1948, he studied classical music with musician Bay Quoi, impressed with radio listeners at the time. He is famous for his roles in love songs, Finding life, Hao Hoa Hotel, silver forest, bar girl, tragic blue ... After marriage with artist Thanh Huong - daughter of late Thanh Huong - he became more and more famous. In 1957, he joined Kim Chuong - Thanh Huong.

After the marriage with the artist Thanh Huong broke, he began to succeed in the field of comedy and reforme. He succeeds in filming in clown roles such as The command of wife, The Reluctant Millionaire, The Ghost of the Promised House.

After moving to the United States with his wife and children, he continued to keep passion for Cai luong (reforme) with the Southern music programme, along with artists Phuong Lien, Tuan Chau, Meritorious Artist Ngoc Dang, Philip Nam, Cam Thu ...



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