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Former EXO member: 'My life is not different from hell'

Hoang Tu Thao (TAO) said that because of work pressure, no holiday, he was not as happy as the fan imagined.

On the 25th of January, Hoang Tu Thao shared a long article on the topic of work pressure. "Tired of not breathing, but the film crew urged back to the studio, I did not dare to ask for a break from the fear of people waiting for me, but also to practice the dance masterly ... every day work is waiting for me At the moment, I do not want to do anything. "
Singer and actor Hoang Tu Thao.

Thao says he can not go to the management company to participate year-end party nor go home. For years he did not know what the holiday was, he did not even have the idea of the day. The work brought him pressure to suffocate.

For the first time, Hoang Tu Thao wrote negative status on his personal page, since joining the profession six years ago. "I do not know how I write these lines, I just do not want to do anything anymore, the feeling of depression, choking is really painful ... My life is not diferent from hell, I'm not happy , fun as you imagine, "25-year-old actor said.

Tu Thao received encouragement from many colleagues and audiences. Huang Xiaoming - close brother of Tu Thao - wrote on Weibo he also experienced the state like Tu Thao. Xiao Ming said that this is the period that each man must gone through to become a man.

"When you go through this stage, you will see that suffering is nothing, the greater suffering is leaving behind you. You do not to be like that, go with the next step, you will become strong, more mature, "Xiao Ming wrote.
Beside music He has achieved initially in film field.

Singer, actor Luo suggested Hoang Tu Thao not think much, need to relax themselves, disclose when there is sad story contained in the heart. "When You are weak, the harder will be, when You are strong, the difficulty will be reduced."

Hoang Tu Thao was born in 1993, joined the entertainment industry in 2012 as a member of EXO, he used the name TAO. After leaving the group in 2015, Thao worked mainly in China, establishing his own company. In addition to his role as a singer, Tu Thao has filmed the films Together for Life, Non-Tiger Guess, Game Rules, Western Journey Voice (television) ...



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