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Opponents of Huong Giang at Miss International Queen 2018

Representative of Thailand are praised for her sweet beauty and the American beauty is not beautiful but also very talents.

Huong Giang Idol - Representative of Vietnam at Miss International Qeen 2018.

Singer Huong Giang is 27 years old, 1.7 m high. At present she is training in the catwalk, posing, preparing clothes for the Miss International Queen 2018, which took place in Thailand. Expected on February 25, she went to Pattaya to participate in the program. The final will take place on 9th March.

Huong Giang shared her biggest goal of the contest was to inspire and motivate transgenders in Vietnam.

Huong Giang has never competed in beauty contests, while most contestants have won titles at transgender contests. Among them was Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan (21 years old, pictured) - the representative of the host country of Thailand. She is famous in some Asian countries, dubbed the "Angelababy Thailand".

Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan was invited to Vietnam in 2017.

Dinda Syarif - representative of Indonesia. Modeling at the age of 16, Dinda Syarif has a catwalk experience, expressing herself to the audience. In addition to his passion for modeling, Dinda Syarif loves fashion design.

At the Miss International Queen 2018, Dinda Syarif wants to change the bad stereotype of an audience of transgender girls.

Michel Epalza Betancourt - Representative of Venezuela. She won the title at the transsexual beauty contest in Venezuela in 2014.

The 24-year-old has set a target for the title of Miss International Queen in 2018.

Kataluna Enriquez (24), representing the United States. She works as a graphic designer.

Kataluna Enriquez is preparing for the competition in Thailand. She learned Thai, the dance of Thailand ... Her hobby is to travel, learn the culture. In addition to dancing, fashion design, drawing, Kataluna also has a sweet voice.

Carla Marie Madrigal, representative of the Philippines. She has participated in many beauty contests for transsexuals and won the highest award at Queen Philippines 2015.

Carla Marie Madrigal wants to show that she is a role model not only for transgender people but also for the community.



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