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Oscar-winning scriptwriter remakes script from Vietnamese films

Derek Nguyen's "Maid" will feature an English-language version, written by Geoffrey Fletcher.

On the Deadline, Fletcher said, "I am very excited to have the opportunity to rewrite this fascinating story with the background of American history. (After the American Civil War in the 19th century). " Geoffrey Fletcher was born in 1970, winning the "Best Original Screenplay" Oscar in 2010 with Precious. He was the first black person to win Oscars in the scenario category.
Geoffrey Fletcher won the Oscars.

The Housemaid is a Vietnamese film released in 2016, scripted and directed by Derek Nguyen. Film background is on ruled French in Vietnam, following orphan girl (Nhung Kate) to work in the house of French widowed colonel (Jean-Michel Richaud). Between two people arise passionate love and girls gradually occupy the power in the house. At this point, strange phenomena begin to occur, hiding a great secret beneath.

In addition to horror, the film also exploits social and ethnic issues. At the 20th Vietnam Film Festival, the film won the award of soundtrack, sound design and Silver Lotus for "Best Feature Film".

The American version is expected to have a similar story, but set in the context of the South American country after the Civil War. Derek Nguyen shared on the Deadline: "When writing the maid, I recognized the similarity between Vietnamese maidservants in French domination with black slaves in the South America. When a famous writer like Fletcher makes a new edition to portray the horror of cruel injustice, it will not only entertain but inspire a lot of thought. "
Director Derek Nguyen.

The remake version is still done by CJ - the company implemented the Vietnamese version - both in investment and development. Derek Nguyen and Mike Im are production managers, Timothy Linh Bui and Don Handfield are the producers. The studio has not released the director and cast of the remake.



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